What is Lent? What is Fat Tuesday?

What is Lent? Preparing your Will Power – Fat Tuesday, Fausnaught Day, Donut Day?

Giving up the most addictive thing in your life for God. Today is “Fat Tuesday”, but it’s really the day to think about what sacrifice you’re going to make to get closer to God. One of my kids decided on “Spongebob” (and I secretly said Thank God), but each time they want to watch that, they’ll replace it with a show like “Letters to God” or another movie that makes them feel close to God. My youngest said it cutely. She said she’d give up Mac & Cheese for the next 40 days and pray to God each time she wants to eat it. Jesus had to prepare for a MUCH greater task than any of us. But it’s a time to remember and feel closer to Jesus, knowing he went into the desert to build up His will power and prepare himself for the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known. Knowing that, is it really that hard to give up one obstacle in your life that is impeding your relationship with God? What sinful thing in your life (maybe a naughty show you know He’d disapprove of or reading a sinful book) can you give up and replace that time with a Godly book or time of prayer? It’s not just about giving something up. For instance, if you choose potato chips, you need to replace that each time you want to eat them with a crunchy carrot or red pepper with the reason being that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and to be used to serve God so being healthy draws you closer to God and gives you more energy to serve. And for us parents, I think we’ll agree that we’ll take ALL the energy we can get to raise up kids in this world. God is just like any loving family member. He wants us to spend time with Him and show that we love Him and appreciate His son and be thankful for the gift of Grace He bestowed on us. The ONLY reason we can go to Heaven is because of Jesus. If we know that we are made in His image and we know how much it means to each of us to feel valued and needed, don’t you think God feels the same way? Let’s show Him we value His son. It’s all He’s asked us to do afterall. For whoever believes in His son has everlasting life. I think we can handle giving up something we sinfully love for the next 40 days to build up our will power and get spiritually stronger for God. Think about it today. Amen?


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About the Author: Seems weird to think I started this wacky game in 2004. I love it, as I know all of you do too. My experience as an IDP guy starts as a waiver wire specialist. Anyone can tell you to start a Top 5 stud, but it's finding 1 or two "gems" off the waiver wire each year that makes the difference between winning your league and being in the middle of the pack. For instance, a long time ago before anyone new an SLB named James Anderson, I saw a perfect storm coming when they were about to play the Saints. I looked closely at the strategy and just knew the Saints were going to run at the strong side linebacker all day. I went all in on this unknown IDP Anderson and he rewarded us with a 13 solo tackle game from a relatively UNKNOWN waiver wire guy. He went on to be the top LB in every game from that day on throughout the season. I've managed to find that gem at one of the IDP positions every year before any other forecaster. I'm not sure how I have this knack. Maybe it's because I've played football since I was six and played both QB (reading defenses) and LB, reading offenses. It helps that my dad was a great coach for 36 years too. Most importantly, I love it and it's fun!

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