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2016 NFL Schedule and Bye Weeks


2016 NFL Bye Weeks

The bye week is the week an NFL team does not play a game.

*Note – The 2016 NFL Bye Weeks start in week 4 and finish at the end of week 13. There are no byes for week 12.

Here is the 2016 bye week schedule:
Week 4 – Green Bay, Philadelphia
Week 5 – Jacksonville, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle
Week 6 – Minnesota, Tampa Bay
Week 7 – Carolina, Dallas
Week 8 – Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, New York Giants, Pittsburgh, San Francisco
Week 9 – Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Washington
Week 10 – Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, Oakland
Week 11 – Atlanta, Denver, New York Jets, San Diego
Week 13 – Cleveland, Tennessee
Weeks 8 and 9 both have 6 teams on a bye. This may be problematic for fantasy players if they do not have adequate depth to cover the voids so draft accordingly!


2016 NFL Schedule

  Week 1
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Sep 8 8:30 pm  Carolina Panthers  Denver Broncos
 Sun Sep 11 1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  Baltimore Ravens
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Houston Texans
1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  New York Jets
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 pm  Green Bay Packers  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  Oakland Raiders  New Orleans Saints
1:00 pm  San Diego Chargers  Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Atlanta Falcons
4:05 pm  Miami Dolphins  Seattle Seahawks
4:25 pm  Detroit Lions  Indianapolis Colts
4:25 pm  New York Giants  Dallas Cowboys
8:30 pm  New England Patriots  Arizona Cardinals
 Mon Sep 12 7:10 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Washington Redskins
10:20 pm  Los Angeles Rams  San Francisco 49ers
  Week 2
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Sep 15 8:25 pm  New York Jets  Buffalo Bills
 Sun Sep 18 1:00 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Pittsburgh Steelers
1:00 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Washington Redskins
1:00 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Houston Texans
1:00 pm  Miami Dolphins  New England Patriots
1:00 pm  New Orleans Saints  New York Giants
1:00 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Carolina Panthers
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Detroit Lions
4:05 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Los Angeles Rams
4:05 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Arizona Cardinals
4:25 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Oakland Raiders
4:25 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Denver Broncos
4:25 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  San Diego Chargers
8:30 pm  Green Bay Packers  Minnesota Vikings
 Mon Sep 19 8:30 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Chicago Bears
  Week 3
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Sep 22 8:25 pm  Houston Texans  New England Patriots
 Sun Sep 25 1:00 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Denver Broncos  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Green Bay Packers
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Carolina Panthers
1:00 pm  Oakland Raiders  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  New York Giants
4:05 pm  Los Angeles Rams  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4:05 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Seattle Seahawks
4:25 pm  New York Jets  Kansas City Chiefs
4:25 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Philadelphia Eagles
4:25 pm  San Diego Chargers  Indianapolis Colts
8:30 pm  Chicago Bears  Dallas Cowboys
 Mon Sep 26 8:30 pm  Atlanta Falcons  New Orleans Saints
  Week 4
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Sep 29 8:25 pm  Miami Dolphins  Cincinnati Bengals
 Sun Oct 2 9:30 am  Indianapolis Colts  Jacksonville Jaguars ¹
1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  New England Patriots
1:00 pm  Carolina Panthers  Atlanta Falcons
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Washington Redskins
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Chicago Bears
1:00 pm  Oakland Raiders  Baltimore Ravens
1:00 pm  Seattle Seahawks  New York Jets
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Houston Texans
4:05 pm  Denver Broncos  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4:25 pm  Dallas Cowboys  San Francisco 49ers
4:25 pm  Los Angeles Rams  Arizona Cardinals
4:25 pm  New Orleans Saints  San Diego Chargers
8:30 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Pittsburgh Steelers
 Mon Oct 3 8:30 pm  New York Giants  Minnesota Vikings
¹ This game is being played in London, England.Bye: Green Bay, Philadelphia
  Week 5
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Oct 6 8:25 pm  Arizona Cardinals  San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Oct 9 1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Indianapolis Colts
1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  New England Patriots  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  New York Jets  Pittsburgh Steelers
1:00 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Detroit Lions
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  Baltimore Ravens
4:05 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Denver Broncos
4:25 pm  Buffalo Bills  Los Angeles Rams
4:25 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Dallas Cowboys
4:25 pm  San Diego Chargers  Oakland Raiders
8:30 pm  New York Giants  Green Bay Packers
 Mon Oct 10 8:30 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Carolina Panthers
Bye: Jacksonville, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle
  Week 6
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Oct 13 8:25 pm  Denver Broncos  San Diego Chargers
 Sun Oct 16 1:00 pm  Baltimore Ravens  New York Giants
1:00 pm  Carolina Panthers  New Orleans Saints
1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  New England Patriots
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Chicago Bears
1:00 pm  Los Angeles Rams  Detroit Lions
1:00 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Washington Redskins
1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Buffalo Bills
4:05 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Oakland Raiders
4:25 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Seattle Seahawks
4:25 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Green Bay Packers
8:30 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Houston Texans
 Mon Oct 17 8:30 pm  New York Jets  Arizona Cardinals
Bye: Minnesota, Tampa Bay
  Week 7
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Oct 20 8:25 pm  Chicago Bears  Green Bay Packers
 Sun Oct 23 9:30 am  New York Giants  Los Angeles Rams ¹
1:00 pm  Baltimore Ravens  New York Jets
1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 pm  New Orleans Saints  Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 pm  Oakland Raiders  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  Detroit Lions
4:05 pm  San Diego Chargers  Atlanta Falcons
4:05 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  San Francisco 49ers
4:25 pm  New England Patriots  Pittsburgh Steelers
8:30 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Arizona Cardinals
 Mon Oct 24 8:30 pm  Houston Texans  Denver Broncos
¹ This game is being played in London, England.Bye: Carolina, Dallas
  Week 8
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Oct 27 8:25 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Tennessee Titans
 Sun Oct 30 9:30 am  Washington Redskins  Cincinnati Bengals ¹
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Houston Texans
1:00 pm  Green Bay Packers  Atlanta Falcons
1:00 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Indianapolis Colts
1:00 pm  New England Patriots  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  New York Jets  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Oakland Raiders  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1:00 pm  Seattle Seahawks  New Orleans Saints
4:05 pm  San Diego Chargers  Denver Broncos
4:25 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Carolina Panthers
8:30 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Dallas Cowboys
 Mon Oct 31 8:30 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Chicago Bears
¹ This game is being played in London, England.Bye: Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, N.Y. Giants, Pittsburgh, San Francisco
  Week 9
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Nov 3 8:25 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 Sun Nov 6 1:00 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 pm  New York Jets  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  New York Giants
1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Baltimore Ravens
4:05 pm  Carolina Panthers  Los Angeles Rams
4:05 pm  New Orleans Saints  San Francisco 49ers
4:25 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Green Bay Packers
4:25 pm  Tennessee Titans  San Diego Chargers
8:30 pm  Denver Broncos  Oakland Raiders
 Mon Nov 7 8:30 pm  Buffalo Bills  Seattle Seahawks
Bye: Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Washington
  Week 10
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Nov 10 8:25 pm  Cleveland Browns  Baltimore Ravens
 Sun Nov 13 1:00 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1:00 pm  Denver Broncos  New Orleans Saints
1:00 pm  Green Bay Packers  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Carolina Panthers
1:00 pm  Los Angeles Rams  New York Jets
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Washington Redskins
4:05 pm  Miami Dolphins  San Diego Chargers
4:25 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Pittsburgh Steelers
4:25 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Arizona Cardinals
8:30 pm  Seattle Seahawks  New England Patriots
 Mon Nov 14 8:30 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  New York Giants
Bye: Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, Oakland
  Week 11
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Nov 17 8:25 pm  New Orleans Saints  Carolina Panthers
 Sun Nov 20 1:00 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Dallas Cowboys
1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  New York Giants
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Detroit Lions
1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Indianapolis Colts
4:05 pm  Miami Dolphins  Los Angeles Rams
4:25 pm  New England Patriots  San Francisco 49ers
4:25 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Seattle Seahawks
8:30 pm  Green Bay Packers  Washington Redskins
 Mon Nov 21 8:30 pm  Houston Texans  Oakland Raiders
Bye: Atlanta, Denver, N.Y. Jets, San Diego
  Week 12
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Nov 24 12:30 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Detroit Lions
4:30 pm  Washington Redskins  Dallas Cowboys
8:30 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Indianapolis Colts
 Sun Nov 27 1:00 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Atlanta Falcons
1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Baltimore Ravens
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  Los Angeles Rams  New Orleans Saints
1:00 pm  New York Giants  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  San Diego Chargers  Houston Texans
1:00 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Chicago Bears
4:05 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4:25 pm  Carolina Panthers  Oakland Raiders
4:25 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Denver Broncos
8:30 pm  New England Patriots  New York Jets
 Mon Nov 28 8:30 pm  Green Bay Packers  Philadelphia Eagles
  Week 13
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Dec 1 8:25 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Minnesota Vikings
 Sun Dec 4 1:00 pm  Denver Broncos  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  New Orleans Saints
1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Green Bay Packers
1:00 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Atlanta Falcons
1:00 pm  Los Angeles Rams  New England Patriots
1:00 pm  Miami Dolphins  Baltimore Ravens
1:00 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Chicago Bears
4:05 pm  Buffalo Bills  Oakland Raiders
4:25 pm  New York Giants  Pittsburgh Steelers
4:25 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  San Diego Chargers
4:25 pm  Washington Redskins  Arizona Cardinals
8:30 pm  Carolina Panthers  Seattle Seahawks
 Mon Dec 5 8:30 pm  Indianapolis Colts  New York Jets
Bye: Cleveland, Tennessee
  Week 14
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Dec 8 8:25 pm  Oakland Raiders  Kansas City Chiefs
 Sun Dec 11 1:00 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Detroit Lions
1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Denver Broncos  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Indianapolis Colts
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  New Orleans Saints  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  San Diego Chargers  Carolina Panthers
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  Philadelphia Eagles
4:05 pm  New York Jets  San Francisco 49ers
4:25 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Los Angeles Rams
4:25 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Green Bay Packers
8:30 pm  Dallas Cowboys  New York Giants
 Mon Dec 12 8:30 pm  Baltimore Ravens  New England Patriots
  Week 15
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Dec 15 8:25 pm  Los Angeles Rams  Seattle Seahawks
 Sat Dec 17 8:25 pm  Miami Dolphins  New York Jets
 Sun Dec 18 1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  New York Giants
1:00 pm  Green Bay Packers  Chicago Bears
1:00 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Houston Texans
1:00 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Baltimore Ravens
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Dallas Cowboys
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Kansas City Chiefs
4:05 pm  New Orleans Saints  Arizona Cardinals
4:05 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Atlanta Falcons
4:25 pm  New England Patriots  Denver Broncos
4:25 pm  Oakland Raiders  San Diego Chargers
8:30 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Cincinnati Bengals
 Mon Dec 19 8:30 pm  Carolina Panthers  Washington Redskins
  Week 16
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Dec 22 8:25 pm  New York Giants  Philadelphia Eagles
 Sat Dec 24 1:00 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Carolina Panthers
1:00 pm  Miami Dolphins  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Green Bay Packers
1:00 pm  New York Jets  New England Patriots
1:00 pm  San Diego Chargers  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  New Orleans Saints
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  Chicago Bears
4:05 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Oakland Raiders
4:25 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Seattle Seahawks
4:25 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Los Angeles Rams
8:25 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Houston Texans
 Sun Dec 25 4:30 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Pittsburgh Steelers
8:30 pm  Denver Broncos  Kansas City Chiefs
 Mon Dec 26 8:30 pm  Detroit Lions  Dallas Cowboys
  Week 17
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Sun Jan 1 1:00 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  New York Jets
1:00 pm  Carolina Panthers  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers
1:00 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 pm  Green Bay Packers  Detroit Lions
1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Indianapolis Colts
1:00 pm  New England Patriots  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  New Orleans Saints  Atlanta Falcons
1:00 pm  New York Giants  Washington Redskins
4:25 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Los Angeles Rams
4:25 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  San Diego Chargers
4:25 pm  Oakland Raiders  Denver Broncos
4:25 pm  Seattle Seahawks  San Francisco 49ers
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