Pat Angerer – Monk’s IDP Sleeper LB of the YEAR!

Look at How Low Angerer is Ranked. What a value!

Look at how low Angerer is ranked. What a value!


IMPORTANT: Read this statement before reading this article

I posted this article and informed all of you that Pat Angerer is my Sleeper of the Year. The reaction I got was awesome. However, I’m very concerned how badly I may have mis-communicated my thoughts.  Several of you emailed me asking about dropping guys like Brad Jones, Mychal Kendricks, Zach Brown, Bruce Carter, Phillip Wheeler or the stud Jerrell Freeman. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT on all!  I severely apologize for the confusion.  I posted a list of a trusted expert to the right to show just how low Pat Angerer’s ADP is (you’ll have to scroll all the way to the bottom).  My point in calling him Sleeper of the Year is similar to the point that is being made for WR Santonio Holmes for offense.

You are not going to find a bigger name with bigger upside in the LAST round of your draft or even on the waiver wire (depending on the size of your league or number of IDPs your league requires).  Angerer is NOT, I repeat NOT meant to replace any of your STARTING studs.  He is the PERFECT bench LB. To put it in perspective. If you are in a 12 person league that requires 3 LBs, he’s the perfect number 5 LB.  If you have Laurinaitis, Brian Cushing & Bruce Carter as your starters. I would want a nice upside guy like Mychal Kendricks or Brad Jones as my 4th and then in the final round or off the waiver wire, I’d add Pat Angerer. I like him better than a guy like David Harris as my 5th LB because I know exactly what I have in Harris. There is a ceiling that he will not go beyond.  But if Angerer does prove to be healthy, Angerer has a very high ceiling.

Angerer misses playing the game, he’s hungry to make up for not contributing to the team last year, he’s a tackling machine on the field and has already proven in the past that he can be elite.  Do you remember another elite stud that fell off a couple years and could be had in drafts “dirt cheap”?  His name was D’Qwell Jackson and there was a ton of risk there that no one would touch with a ten foot pole. He went on to be the #1 LB that year. I’m not saying Angerer will be #1, but if his foot is 100% and he plays every game, I see no reason why he can’t finish in the top 20 fantasy LBs in a tackle-heavy league.

Lots of “ifs”, but an absolute “no brainer” to pick up in the last round or get off the waiver wire as a backup LB.


My Instincts

I’m not just your IDP Monk, but I’m a football player since I was 6 years old. I played college football and semi pro football and rugby for years. I know a tough and hungry guy when I see one.  Now is the time to get Pat Angerer.

The current depth chart shows Pat Angerer as the starting MIKE (middle) and Jerrell Freeman as starting WILL (weak side).

He just played in his first pre-season game against the Browns over the weekend and felt great. Angerer tied for the team-leader in tackles against the Browns in that game.


The PAST and the NUMBERS

Pat Angerer had 299 defensive snap counts in 2012.
Compare that to Jerrell Freeman, who had 1041 snap counts in 2012.

He was injured and had a bum foot all season. It’s no wonder we’re all down on him, but he is back to normal now so what are all us so called “experts” doing!?

In 2011, Angerer finished with 148 combined tackles. That was good enough for 4th in the NFL. He had more tackles than James Laurinaitis, NaVorro Bowman, Derrick Johnson, Paul Posluszny and Patrick Willis to give a comparison. He also had 1 sack, 1 INT and 2 forced fumbles.

In comparison, Jerrell Freeman finished his 2012 campaign with 145 combined tackles (55 of those assists). Good enough for 5th in the NFL. He also finished with 2 sacks, 1 INT and 1 forced fumble.

It’s staggering to see how similar those numbers are.

The Colts statistician are notorious for handing out assists like candy. I think if Angerer is anywhere near a Jerrell Freeman tackle or vice versa, both will get an assist.

The same year Angerer had 78 solos, he was also awarded 70 assists. A fairly insane ratio when you compare to other players who usually have half as many assists than solos. But then when you slide down that 2011 list to the 3oth highest tackler, you see Kevell Conner with 54 assists and 50 solo tackles to combine for 104.

This is what I’m predicting for Angerer and Freeman this year. I think Angerer will be sleeper of year and pull off 145 total tackles and Freeman will finish with 115 total. They will both finish in the top 20 for total tackles thanks to the CRAZY amount of assists they will be handed.

IDP Summary

Even if I’m wrong, Angerer’s current ADP is around the 100th LB taken, which means he’s not even being drafted in a lot of leagues. I’m not a doctor, but give this article a read and let me know if you think grabbing a guy with the potential of Sean Lee is worth picking up in the last round of your draft. Especially since he’s already proved that he is an ELITE LB.

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About the Author: Seems weird to think I started this wacky game 10 years ago. I love it, as I know all of you do too. My experience as an IDP guy starts as a waiver wire specialist. Anyone can tell you to start Patrick Willis, but I've always excelled at studying situations. For instance, a long time ago before anyone new a guy named James Anderson, I saw a perfect storm coming when they were about to play the Saints. I looked closely at the strategy and just knew the Saints were going to run at the strong side linebacker all day. I went all in on this unknown IDP Anderson and rewarded my readers with a 13 solo tackles day. I did the same with David Harris & David Hawthorne before there big breakouts. Plus, I'm one of the few in the business who have all your waiver wire pickups posted by midnight on Sunday night and then add anyone else to the list after the MNF game. My readers & I have always had a special relationship & I love what I do. And I'm pretty darn good at it! Come find out. Thanks

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